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Car servicing tips from Maidenhead specialists

If you want to look after your vehicle, and potentially reduce the running costs, you need to get it serviced regularly. Car servicing will not only help it run at its optimum performance but it will also make it safe on the road as well. Just imagine not having the inconvenience of going to a garage and not having to wait long time just to get your car serviced. NVS Car Servicing in Maidenhead are revolutionising the way vehicles are serviced, removing any inconvenience, saving both time and money. They aim to service your vehicle at Home or Work.

When you are arranging your car serviced, it is important that you understand what the service includes. Do you need an interim service or full service? How frequently does the servicing need to take place? Some garages might only change your oil and oil filter for your servicing whereas the others might carry out a full service. Reputable garages do follow a service checklist. And expect them to give you a copy of that completed checklist as a confirmation of a job well done.

An interim car service should be carried out every 6 months or 6,000 miles. This will keep your car safe and roadworthy in-between full services.
  • Full Lubrication Service (inc. Oil Filter)
  • Reset Service Indicator
  • Grease all grease nipples
  • Check Diagnosis Codes (report)
  • Check Brake System
  • Check / Replace all light bulbs
  • Check all vehicle electrics
  • Check /Adjust Tyre Condition
  • Check / Top-up Clutch Hydraulic System
  • Check / Top-up Battery
  • Check / Top-up Cooling System (Inc. Anti-freeze Strength)
  • Check / Top-up Transmission
  • Check / Report Exhaust
  • Check / Top-up Differential
A full car service should be carried out every 12,000 miles or 12 months to keep your car maintained correctly. It is important to have a full service carried out as a trained mechanic could spot damage early and prevent further costs if something were to go wrong with your car. It is unlikely that you will be able to spot any potential problems yourself. 
  • Full Lubrication Service (inc. Oil Filter) 
  • Replace Air Filter 
  • Replace Pollen Filter
  • Reset Service Indicator
  • Carry out C/O test
  • Grease all grease nipples
  • Check Diagnosis Codes (report)
  • Check Brake System
  • Check / Replace all light bulbs
  • Check all vehicle electrics
  • Check /Adjust Tyre Condition and Pressure
  • Check / Top-up Clutch Hydraulic System
  • Check / Top-up Battery and Levels
  • Check / Top-up Cooling System (Inc. Anti-freeze Strength)
  • Check / Top-up Transmission
  • Check / Report Exhaust
  • Check / Top-up Differential
  • Remove all road wheels and Check / Adjust Brake System
  • Replace Spark Plugs 
  • Lubricate Door Hinges and Locks

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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

4 common car maintenance mistakes

At NVS, we carry out wide range of vehicle servicing in Reading, Maidenhead, Ascot and the surrounding areas of Berkshire and Surrey. Over time, we have come across a number of car maintenance mistakes. Here're 4 of the most common:

1. Not changing Oil In a Timely Manner
Engine oil and car engine technology has improved so much in recent times that you don't need to change it as frequently as you would have to 10-15 years ago. But  this should not mean you can skip your vehicle's oil change completely.
Your car's engine needs the oil to run properly. Not changing the oil in a timely manner means the engine can seize up and die.
Getting the motor oil changed at recommended intervals will prolong its life.

2. Not changing your Windscreen Wipers
Naturally the windscreen wiper blades perish over months. When they degrade, the wipers chatter, tear and, as a result, do not clear your windscreen as cleanly.
Not replacing your wiper blades could reduce your ability to see the road, other vehicles and pedestrians clearly. Needless to say this can have fatal consequences.
Replacing wiper blades is probably one of the easiest maintenance tasks that you can undertake yourself. So don't neglect to change the your wipers.

3. Not Checking your Tyre Pressure
It is very common to forget checking your tyre pressure. Even when the tyres look sufficiently inflated, they may not be. Not having the right level of air pressure may lead to irregular tyre wear and this may ultimately lead to accidents.
To avoid any unpleasant surprises, it would be a good idea to check your tyre pressure at regular intervals.

4. Servicing your Car without the Proper Knowledge
Nowadays, the cars are a lot more computerised. And almost every part of the car has several sensors regulating a number of different things from fuel injectors to spark plugs. As a result, carrying out more complicated maintenance tasks require specialised tools and knowledge.
Attempting to carry out maintenance tasks or repairs without the right know-how and equipment could not only damage your car but also put you in danger as well.

Getting your car serviced by the professionals may be slightly more costly but it will give you the assurance that it will get serviced and repaired accurately.

For your car servicing in Maidenhead, please contact NVS. Our Technicians have all been “Main Dealer” trained to the highest Standard (strict NVS policy). This gives you a Main Dealer Technician for your specific vehicle make.

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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Range Rover Servicing in Berkshire

For many Range Rover owners in Berkshire, car servicing is nothing beyond regular engine oil change and refilling oil tank. If one thinks that having his or her car serviced is a waste of time and money, then they cannot be more wrong. Occasional car maintenance will prevent costly repairs down the road and ensure maximum vehicle performance. At times, even the smallest engine problem that seems insignificant to a person may result in a major defect which will subsequently add to the car servicing costs.
Every Range Rover owner must be aware that their vehicles require routine maintenance. Even so, in this day and age of uncertainty and economic hardship, people will probably question whether Range Rover servicing in Berkshire is necessary whatsoever or even worth the cost. Vehicle manufacturers will always tell us that a regular maintenance is crucial for the optimum performance and safety of the vehicle. 
A routine check-up and repair for one’s car will keep it in good condition at all times. It keeps the vehicle running efficiently and also ensures its safety. A reputable car repair shop will make an in-depth and detailed inspection of various mechanical parts of one’s vehicle, such as the engine, footbrakes and tyres. Servicing a car on a frequent basis will certainly reduce the cost of running the car. Remember a vehicle that is not running efficiently tends to consume a lot of fuel.
As the maintenance service comprises checks to the engine, tyres and breaks, one is assured that his or her vehicle is completely safe. A competent and well-trained mechanic will know precisely how to detect unsafe tyres that ought to be changed right away or defective engine that needs to be fixed. In that way, the driver will have peace of mind knowing that the car is capable of responding to emergency situations.
The main reason of Range Rover servicing inBerkshire is to extend the vehicle’s life. It normally focuses on preventing potential problems rather than fixing. A well-maintained vehicle will perform efficiently and last for many years as well. Moreover, a well-maintained vehicle has a higher value which will really help the owner in the event he or she decides to resell it.
Not everyone in Berkshire is qualified to provide Range Rover servicing. Since one is spending money on the service he or she should make sure the garage is reputable and well-known.
Friends, neighbours and relatives can be asked for referrals. Rather than rushing to make a wrong choice, search the internet for Berkshire garages that offer excellent services at competitive rates. Once a person has found a list of car repair shops, it is time to begin narrowing down the search by calling or emailing them one after the other. Those that are recommended by friends should be given the first priority.
It is important to find an auto car repair shop that is able to meet the demands of the clients. A good garage will charge their clients a fair fee for the service offered. There must be no hidden fees or charges. The mechanics should always seek the car owner’s permission before embarking on any repairs that the owner has not authorised.  

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Monday, 19 January 2015

Maintenance tips for Range Rover owners

Range Rover is the most comfortable SUV on the inside, while being the hardy and rugged on the outside. 

This SUV car is used by most of the people across the world for their normal day-to-day driving and also for jagged off-road excursions. But, to get most out of your Range Rover car, it is very important for you to get your Range Rover servicing in Bracknell properly. There are lots of things that go into maintenance of a Range Rover car and owners must stay on top of the upkeep so as to ensure that their car functions aptly. Owners must always refer the manual to know the maintenance specifics, but there are some necessary maintenance tasks that owners must bear in their mind always.

Changing the Oil Regularly

To ensure optimum performance of your vehicle it is necessary to change the oil on regular interval of time. After driving your vehicle for 3000 miles it becomes important to change the oil and you must read the owner’s manual to know the specific mileage for the model you have. Lubrication and oiling is very essential for vehicles that allow them to function and run aptly. Using good quality oil is also equally essential. So, you must consult a car expert to know the type of oil that is suitable for the model you have.

Oil Filter

Oil filter plays a very crucial role in increasing the lifespan of the oil in the engine. The oil in the engine passes through this oil filter and it acts as a barrier for all mental and other debris. It removes the debris and particles from the oil and prevents it from entering the engine which may make internal damage to the engine. So, it is necessary to clean the oil filter regularly and if required change it regularly at the time of changing the engine oil.

Wash the Vehicle

You must wash the exterior of your vehicle regularly. Washing not only keep your vehicle clean and make it look good, but also protect the paint of your vehicle from getting damaged due to debris and dirt. So, you must regularly wash it and remove the substances and stains from the body which may damage the paints severely.

Finally, taking your vehicle to the authorized Range Rover servicing centre is also equally important. You may find online to know the nearest Range Rover servicing centre so that you vehicle can be serviced professionally at regular interval of time.

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Software Programs and Its Significance for Business Operations

Computer software is not only limited to household computers today, instead they are also used in business environment, such as car servicing in Reading to make the tasks easier, faster and effective. However, while buying business software you need to be vigilantly enough to avoid the mistakes. You must never underestimate the significance of research work when you deal with different software programs available to you. Before you buy any software for your business it is essential to gauge the product’s functionality in regards to its operations and performance.

Why Using Software is a Must in Business
There are a wide variety of software programs available that are suitable for business operations. But, business owners must make a right purchase decision and select the appropriate software program to increase effectiveness, efficiency and performance of the business. The business software programs are very helpful for business operations as it help the businesses to achieve their set business goals, depending upon the nature of the business. If you select the right software program as per the structure and nature of the business then in short span of time you will notice vast difference in the performance and efficiency of your business operations.

Why Selection of Software Should be Done According to the Business Need
The software market is full of different solutions which you can easily install in your computer for business operations. However, simply loading your computer’s hard drive with lots of software programs will make the system slower and it consumes a large amount of space to get installed. So, it is always better to make selection of software programs as per your business need. There are software programs available for accounting work, to make schedules for employees and event o manage the company’s inventory. So, make your selection accordingly to increase efficiency of your business and allow the business operations function well. There are different software programs available for different businesses. For example, the software used in law firm will be different from the software used in web Design Company. So, as per the nature of your business you need to make the selection of software.

Learn all Details Before Purchasing
To avoid mistakes, it is necessary to learn all the details about the software program. You may also grab the opportunity of free trail offer of business software program to test the performance and functionality of the product. Free trail offer will allow you to determine whether it is worth investing in the software for efficient business operations. Moreover, it will also allow you to see if the solution helps your business to solve the issues which your company often face in regular basis.

To summarize, there are a wide variety of factors that you need to bear in mind before making a selection and hence it is essential to purchase the right product which not only boost the performance of the business, but also increase the efficiency of your employees.

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Monday, 25 August 2014

Car Servicing in Reading

Car Servicing Reading

  • Car Servicing in Reading
    A different approach to car servicing in Reading in Berkshire.
How conciencious are you about your safety?
Would you go and see anyone but a doctor when you need a health check?
Then, why take a chance when it comes to your car? You do know that even a small issue with your car can be fatal!
Do make sure that your car gets a regular 6 monthly or yearly service by qualified mechanics. These regular services cover a whole range of maintenance activities on your car to make road safe. And they range anything from checking your tyre thread depth to changing the oil. And, as the car gets older, it covers other more complex services, such as replacing the cam belt.
In addition to the safety, there is also the cost of replacing cars or having to pay for unexpected repairs if the vehicle is not well maintained as well. Only few possessions in daily life are as costly as owning a car for the ordinary people. That is why getting your car regularly serviced will not only keep you safe on the roads but will also make the cost of running it down as well.
Just recently I had a small problem with my car, which requires some repairs. I went and see 3 different garages, and I received 3 widely different quotes. I imagine I am not the first person to experience this. So, knowing an honest and inexpensive car repair mechanic is very important.
I can imagine that a lot of people like me are paranoid of receiving less than desirable repairs and being overcharged for the work when we get our cars repaired or serviced.
Especially Reading town in Berkshire has a lot of car repair service options available that it is impossible to filter out the good mechanics and the garages from the rest.
But fear not! You can easily find a good, inexpensive expert in the area. It only takes few routine questions to figure out who is who.
First and foremost, you should check which qualifications the mechanics hold. Especially in the United Kingdom, these qualifications are very stringent.
Secondly, you can ask how long the vehicle repair service has been operating for, and how long the mechanic who is going to handle your car has been in the business.
Thirdly, check the business or mechanics reputation. In today's day and age, it is very easy to go on the net and check feedback and comments on any service provider.
Then there are the additional factors that are as important. Can the work be done at a time that suits you, and at a place that suits you?
How many hours have we lost driving back and forth to the car servicing garage or having to wait there while the work is being carried out?
There are lot of options around for car servicing Reading and the surrounding areas of Berkshire, and if you are careful in your selection process, you will surely find the right one for you and for your automobile.

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Avoid Disappointments: Mobile Mechanic - Car Servicing Ideas

Car Servicing London

Have you taken your car for an MoT test for this year yet?
MoT initially stood for Ministry of Transport but even after the name was changed to Department of Transport, the name has remained. The test is applied on all vehicles every 12 months to determine how road-worthy they are. Vehicles that were made within the last 3 years are however exempt from this test because most functions and parts should still be up to standard.
Most people in the United Kingdom assume that going for a car servicing is a painfully slow and inconveniencing exercises that they would rather not undertake but this is only because they choose the wrong MoT centre for the test.
One mistake you should avoid is having a set frame of mind, unshakably convinced that you are going to spend a whole day as the car is tested. One way to avoid this, especially if it is your first time to take your car to the MoT test in is to understand what the process entails and know that there are different centres you can go to. Some centres are fast and diligent while in others you can find sluggish and may not provide the fastest car servicing you would expect. Before you set out for a centre near you, carry out some research online and if possible compare several MoT centres in the United Kingdom based on previous car owners reviews.
I also suggest that you prepare your car in time for the test. This includes servicing the car, cleaning it, testing all the major features and do not forget to ask a friend to check your lights if they are in good condition. When you set out for a test at the MoT test, be patient knowing that your car will pass the test.

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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Choosing the Right Auto Repair Shop in Reading

It is important that you look for the best auto repair shop for your carservicing in Reading. The shop should be highly certified and should have professional repair technicians who have a wide knowledge in servicing and repairing any type of vehicle.

Things to Consider
Whether you are new in town or are simply looking for a new auto repair shop for your car servicing needs, here are the things that you should consider when looking for the best auto repair shop.
·         Look for a repair shop before you even need one. Do not wait for the time to come that you will be in urgent need of car repairs in Reading, before you actually start looking for a repair shop.

·     Consult local consumer organizations and bureaus to find an auto repair company that has a good reputation. A good repair company is one that does not receive that much complaint from local consumers.

·       It is also a good idea to go online and read reviews about the car servicing company. You can visit their official Facebook page, if there is one. Reading forums and discussions can also help you to identify which among the auto repair shops in Reading is worthy of your hard earned money.

Cleanliness is Important
Just because the nature of their business is about providing car servicing in Reading does not mean that they just let their facilities to become so dirty. It is important that you look for a well organized and clean auto repair shop. The shop should have a huge parking space and that the cars that are being repaired must be parked in proper order. They should also have the latest repair equipment and service bays.

Location and Convenience
Another factor to consider when looking for auto repair shops that can provide car repairs in Reading is the location. It should be near your place such that whenever you are in need of emergency repairs, you won’t have to travel longer just to reach their site. Also, if you need them to come to your place in the event of car breakdown, they should be easy to reach and that they should be able to come to your rescue in time. So before you could be faced with any kind of engine trouble while driving down the road, make sure that you search for an auto repair shop way ahead of time.

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Monday, 16 December 2013

Repairing Cars Made Easy

What actually is being done to your car that makes you pay huge amount of money on your car’s maintenance every year?  Especially if you are living somewhere in Europe, The best way to get a car repair in Bracknell is to go to a car service station and have the servicing done correctly.
Do it Yourself
Serving a car can be something that you can it yourself. If you have the patience to learn more about how it works and how it functions. Doing it you   can definitely spare yourself from the heavy cost of car repairs. If it will be the first time you will be servicing your car personally, do not worry here are basic things that you can start with: Meticulously check for anything damage and worn out parts.  Some parts should be change periodically to maintain t the functionality of your car. These are things that any car servicing in Bracknell does which you can also do with a complete car tool kit which was provided to you by the maker of the car when purchased it.  The kit will include all the spanners which you will need.
Consult a Professional
The demand for professionals in the automobile industry has increased in the latter years dramatically.  Consulting a Professional to take a look of your car is the best way to do it if you are willing to pay for the price.  There are innovations and changes in the industry that professionals get to know first.  Modern tools that you car would be able to take advantage.
With the technology moving forward so fast, there are also modern car services trends that the professionals have develop.  This has been a tremendous development that can provide quality service to your car. If you would go to a car repair in Bracknell, you will see how up to date their shops are. Although Bracknell is just a small town, Car service in the area is one of the most highly developed.
Online Auto Repair
The internet is our best friend and we all know how powerful it is.  Auto repair information can be easily found online. It will give you links that would cater to the information that you need. There are a lot of blog sites and chat lines that you can use as well.  This as you might realize is one of the cheapest way to have your car serviced.  Although, there a lot of car servicing in Bracknell.  Going online would be an option that you might consider to save some money.

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